Project Description

Watermark Place is 48,775 sq m new build multistory commercial office building. The floors were designed as composite using steel metal deck on floor steel cell beams with service holes.

MWP Civil Structural Engineering Ltd. involved designing temporary works to infill the lift void areas up to 4th floor to create new offices and social complex in the building. Before any work carried out, existing steel columns and beams are strengthened. Also MWP designed partitions at Basement level.

Various structural checked applied to the floor slabs and ramp during delivering transformer, generator and escalator in to building.

Watermark Place is 48,775 sq m of highly specified, flexible and efficient commercial office space in an architecturally distinguished new development in the largest area of open riverside space in the City. The combination of imposing architecture, quality of space and revitalized waterfront location positions Watermark Place as a key City destination.

Sun-dappled façades, a sheltered public realm formed by timber structures on an impressive maritime scale, the ever-present riverscape: this is the biggest open area on the City waterfront and a substantial addition to the collateral of the City.